What We Do




At Prime Time Boxing we believe that you have to earn what you get. We will never give you a blue ribbon for participation, but the participation is a requirement! A requirement to learn the sweet science properly, to get your mind focused and to get that body lean! We have been training fighters and fitness enthusiasts for well over 20 years, so we may know a few things…If you truly want to learn authentic boxing along with the training principles and workout that goes along with this beautiful sport, you have found the right place!



As Boxing purists we make sure you are actually learning the sweet science while getting an amazing workout. Jumping rope, shadowboxing, bag work, conditioning drills, ab work and even hitting the speed bag are included in this traditional boxing class. Yes, we said SPEED BAGS!



Why just do one or the other when you can have them both! We have created the perfect synergy between two time tested sports: Boxing & Weight Training. Our specially formatted class will take you through new Combos of The Day and build those muscles with specific weight training exercises. This is a fast passed workout with little rest!



Prime Time Boxing will add to your boxing repertoire with advanced combos, mitt work, footwork, drills, bag work, etc. Most of this training is based off of having an opponent in front of you. This will prepare you for SPARRING, which is occasionally a part of the advanced class if all students are ready.

Prerequisite: 2-3 weeks consistent training and coaches approval.


There is substance behind Prime Time Boxing’s youth program. The goal is not to turn these kids into competitive boxers but to teach them life lessons through boxing. It takes discipline, determination, focus, drive, perseverance and many other attributes to facilitate a boxer through his/her training. All participants leave the program with a “can-do” attitude and a thirst for challenges. These are great benefits, but boxing offers even more; physical benefits.

Our kids are becoming more sedentary and are now at risk for adult health problems such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Boxing provides a cardiovascular workout like nothing else. With our workout we will help to knockout childhood obesity! Whether your child wants to learn boxing for self defense, cross training or just for fitness, Prime Time Boxing can offer them a safe and structured program that is engaging and fun.

What To Expect


Welcome to Prime Time Boxing!

If you are brand new to our club you MUST watch the basic boxing videos provided here. Yes, even if you “have boxed before”. OK, well if you have actually stepped into the ring and competed, you can bypass the videos)


CHECK-IN: 10 minutes before class.

PARK: Back lot or street parking

WEAR: Workout clothes & shoes.

BRING: Water and a towel. We aint yo mamma!

NO WORRIES: We got you! After filling gout our waiver we will help you get wrapped up and start your fundamental session. The goal with the fundamental session is to make sure you have the basic footwork, punches and movement on bag. All of this will ensure that you have the best first experience possible!


“Trying Primetime was honestly one of the most spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t know if it was really something I could do, or if I could ever get close to the shape I was in before my horrific car accident (metal hip, some permanent nerve damage, to name a couple of the injuries that make a lot of things more difficult now), but I am gaining more confidence and definitely more muscle! Never thought it was possible. I LOVE it and now I’m addicted! The coach is so great and pushes me to my limits.”

Meredith H. (member since 2017)

“Primetime Boxing has taught me to have confidence in what my body is capable of while having a blast every workout. Before coming to train with Primetime Boxing I was a triathlete competing in Ironman’s, but I have never felt more strong and fit since training like a boxer with Coach Adrian! Primetime Boxing has an incredible energy combined with killer coaching making it a great place to come and achieve your personal fitness goals while being so fun you can’t wait until the next workout.”

Katy J.(member since 2018)

“This place is awesome! I love it!! First of all, you can go at any level and feel confident walking in for class. I never boxed before in my life plus I’m female and I still felt​ comfortable. Second, the price is great considering the workout that you are getting!!! We’ve spent way too much money on personal trainers for months who got us no where, but here, one session and you’re hurting for a week!! I love it!”

Monique O. (member since2017)

“I love this place! I started going here to lose the baby weight.  In 18 months I went from 23% body fat to 14% which is the best shape I’ve ever been.  The other people there have become like family and the trainer there is one of, if not the, best trainer I’ve ever worked with.  I started, doubting myself and if I could ever do something like this, feeling kinda silly when I shadow box or try something new.  But it’s helped me to gain so much confidence and self belief.  Worth a try for anyone, even if- no, especially if you think you can’t!”

Lisa D. (member since 2011)