Getting Started

Classical boxing was rudimentary yet powerful enough to stand the test of time. We’ve taken elements of this nostalgic era and, with a fistful of structure, we have punched our way into the future.

Boxing Training

Lets get into some basics of your training:

  • Skipping rope works your calves, forearms, triceps, abs, coordination, and helps establish rhythm.
  • Fighting Stance – A perfection of balance that works your calves, quads, triceps, delts, and traps.
  • Shadow Boxing – Fluidly moving across the floor and delivering accurate punches that define your style. You work your core/trunk muscles, practice reflex response, and explore what will become your style.
  • Heavybags – The intensity will increase and muscles you either forgot about or had no idea existed will begin to form and tighten up. Your mid-section will be sore. However, when you develop the correct technique, your punches will sound off with a distinct register that leaves you utterly satisfied… but can be quite addicting.
  • Mitt Work with trainers – The closest simulation to sparring.
  • Conditioning drills – Be prepared! Hydrate and practice a healthy diet.
  • Weight training.

You get the idea!

Youth Training

Not offeredin Santa Monica
Turning Soccer Moms into Boxing Moms!

There is substance behind Prime Time Boxing’s youth program. The goal is not to turn these kids into competitive boxers but to teach them life lessons through boxing. It takes discipline, determination, focus, drive, perseverance and many other attributes to facilitate a boxer through his/her training. All participants leave the program with a “can-do” attitude and a thirst for challenges. These are great benefits, but boxing offers even more; physical benefits.

Our kids are becoming more sedentary and are now at risk for adult health problems such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Boxing provides a cardiovascular workout like nothing else. With our workout we will help to knockout childhood obesity! Whether your child wants to learn boxing for self defense, cross training or just for fitness, Prime Time Boxing can offer them a safe and structured program that is engaging and fun.

Ages 12-16

Learn At Home!

Learn the fundamentals of boxing.

  • Jumping rope
  • Proper stance
  • Wrapping hands
  • Basic punches
  • Hitting the heavy bags
  • … and much more!

It’d be a sin not to get this combo. You get the best of both DVD’s. Top notch, structured boxing training and a great workout.

Learn more boxing techniques.

  • Uppercuts
  • Hooks
  • Body shots
  • Mitt work
  • … and much more!