Prime Time Boxing frequently asked questions about the certification program.

Q. Is there a performance test?

A. Yes. There is a performance test that each participant must pass in order to receive a Prime Time Boxing Level 1 Certification. Also, each participant must submit a video of them teaching a group of at least 4 people the Prime Time Boxing program within 60 days of their training date.

Q. Is there a written test?

A. No. Testing is based off of what you learn from the instructional DVDs and training manual.

Q .What course materials, if any, come with this certification?

A. All participants will be given a complete Prime Time Boxing manual that covers the basic fundamentals of boxing, course material and workouts. Also, participants are mailed 2 instructional DVDs prior to the training dates. These will need to be watched and studied before training.

Q. When do I receive my certificate?

A. You will receive your certificate upon successful completion of the training and when we approve your video showing that you are capable of conducting a Prime Time Boxing class.