Boxing Certification


Distance education course can be started anytime during the year. Learn “Real” Boxing fundamentals, including offense and defense techniques, combinations designed by PTB for the ultimate in authenticity and fitness ensuring a safe and efficient class or personal training session. You will learn how to wrap hands, teach the stance and punch combinations; utilize punch mitts, punching bags and partner training.

This 16 hour Home-Study package comes with your own copy of manuals including Fundamentals, Floor Work, Full Workout, Mitt Work and 30-Minute Workout. These manuals include a wide variety of information on both general and specific components of boxing. They are detailed with nearly 100 photos depicting jump rope, footwork, offense and defense technique, punching heavy bag and speed bag along with how to hold the punch mitts. From the warm-up, boxing drills and combinations, strength exercises, plyometrics, medicine ball drills and ab routines it is designed to ensure safety and efficiency in planning your client’s personal training session or group class. Along with your manuals you will receive the Boxing 101 and Boxing 201 DVD set. These DVDs will go over in detail all of the boxing fundamentals, including everything that is covered in the manuals. Upon receipt of your registration and payment, we will mail you your course material including manuals and DVDs.

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Your test will consist of conducting a mock boxing camp with at least 4 participants. You will record the 45 minute session and send in your video within 60 days of receipt of your home study package. You will also need to conduct a fundamentals course with at least 2 participants. You will record the 30-45 minute session and send the video to us within 60 days. Your video will then be reviewed and you will receive a pass or a try again. You will have another 30 days to send in your video. Once you pass you will receive your certification





Level 1 Instructor Training: Basics of Boxing and Programming

The Prime Time Boxing Level 1 course is designed to give participants the essential skills that will allow them to instruct clients/athletes in the basic striking concepts of boxing. Participants will be taught how to incorporate striking drills into current workouts so that overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power can be increased. In addition, this course will teach participants.

  • How to create daily workouts/programming.
  • Learn the fundamental movements needed for a core workout.
  • Basic and Advanced boxing mechanics, delivery, and functionality through a rigorous training regimen supplemented with thought provoking lectures.
  • How to hold the punch mitts and much more.
  • How to run a safe boxing program
  • How to teach proper mechanics of boxing to clients
  • Proper stance and footwork
  • The basic punches and combinations of those punches
  • The basic defensive movements
  • What type/style of equipment to use: Hand wraps, Jump rope, Bag gloves, etc…
  • How to use all boxing equipment: Punching bags, Speed bags, Double-end bags, etc…

You will receive your training resources one week prior to course date:

  • Program manuals
  • DVD for the program





Q. Is there a performance test?
A. Yes. There is a performance test that each participant must pass in order to receive a Prime Time Boxing Level 1 Certification. Also, each participant must submit a video of them teaching a group of at least 4 people the Prime Time Boxing program within 60 days of their training date.

Q. Is there a written test?
A. No. Testing is based off of what you learn from the instructional DVDs and training manual.

Q .What course materials, if any, come with this certification?
A. All participants will be given a complete Prime Time Boxing manual that covers the basic fundamentals of boxing, course material and workouts. Also, participants are mailed 2 instructional DVDs prior to the training dates. These will need to be watched and studied before training.

Q. When do I receive my certificate?
A. You will receive your certificate upon successful completion of the training and when we approve your video showing that you are capable of conducting a Prime Time Boxing class.


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