Become a certified boxing coach.

Course was created by 2 Olympic certified boxing coaches with actual ring experience as fighters.

Real boxing training has recently been “rediscovered” as a workout that will assist in weight loss, improve strength, stamina, and flexibility regardless of the user’s current level of fitness. In addition, boxing provides a form of self defense that overshadows most. Boxing is the ultimate form of striking training, generating true power, speed and accuracy utilizing the entire body from the floor up. Boxing involves functional and rudimentary movements that always involve the core.

The Prime Time Boxing program was created from real competitive principles used in professional boxing as well as elite amateur boxing with the fitness enthusiast in mind.

Our Level 1 Instructor Training is two days long and meets the immediate needs of both independent and facility-licensed fitness professionals looking to implement boxing into a boot camp, CrossFit program, and small group training center, schools, military facilities, one-on-one personal training or their own boxing gym.

Fitness instructors have already realized that adding striking techniques to their clients’ workouts is a great fit because striking provides five major benefits:

  1. You can achieve a fighter’s fitness level
  2. You can increase your core strength, rotational speed and power
  3. You can develop a sport specific movement
  4. You can learn a real self-defense skill-set and
  5. You can reduce stress which helps you sleep better


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