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Prime Time Boxing is a fast-paced, exciting sports/fitness training concept with cutting-edge programs designed from true boxing workouts! Prime Time Boxing offers quality training to people of all age groups, genders, and skill levels.

It has now become clear to us that enforcing a strict Franchised regime would be inconsistent with our vision. We have come to the realization that each gym must be able to cater to the needs of a diverse membership in each town/city. Gyms may be decorated differently, have different hours, prices, etc. This is what makes each club unique to the community it is in. This has led us to the decision to offer an affiliate program to License the Prime Time Boxing name/program rather than Franchising, allowing much more flexibility to each Affiliate. Individuality is essential.

If you’re interested in the independence and financial rewards that come from owning your own business, and you’re ready to put in the effort it takes to become a winner, then just fill out the form below to become a part of the Prime Time Boxing team!
In order to become a Prime Time Boxing Affiliate, you and/or your trainer must be certified in the Prime Time Boxing training program.

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BOXING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM also available for those individuals not interested in becoming a Prime Time Boxing Affiliate. If you are a school teacher, group fitness trainer, personal trainer, cross fit trainer or boot camp trainer, this will allow you to add the best boxing program into your clients’ workouts



Q. What are the Prime Time Boxing affiliate basics?
A. The initial affiliate fee is only $2,000 compared with a $27,000 franchise fee. There is an annual affiliate fee of 2,000 compared to a 6% royalty fee paid monthly. As you can see, the licensing program is much more affordable than franchising and allows you to make all of the decisions in your business. You will benefit from the value of a national brand license, but not have the controls, reporting requirements, and restrictions present in a franchising agreement.

Q. What do I need to do to begin the process of becoming a Prime Time Boxing affiliate?
A. Apply here to request more information. You will be contacted by a Prime Time Boxing representative for an introduction.

Q. Do I need to have a gym to become an affiliate?
A. No. You can start a Prime Time Boxing program in your garage, in the park, within another established gym, mixed martial arts studio, military base, and colleges or open your own gym. If you already have a gym, you will not have the start-up costs associated with setting up a new gym. We will certify you and any other person/s you select as trainers for your Prime Time Boxing program.

Q. Do I have the exclusive rights to the name and brand in my territory?
A. Yes you do so long as your affiliate fees are paid and current.

Q. What does being a Prime Time Boxing affiliate include?
A. Legal use of the Prime Time Boxing name, logo, and promotional materials. Access to founders and master trainers for questions and discussions. Promotion from the main website and a link to your gym/program website.

Q. Where do I get suggestions for training equipment, IT equipment, membership agreements, fee structures, etc.?
A. We have 4 different operations packages that you can purchase together or separately.

Q. Will I be given an exclusive territory?
A. Yes. We will work with you to define the boundaries of your affiliate territory for maximum success potential.



If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, just fill out the short form below. You will be contacted with additional information shortly there after.

If you are interested in purchasing a License, just fill out the short form below. You will be contacted with additional information shortly there after.

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